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Can i purchase fuel in bulk?

Purchasing fuels in bulk is beneficial for the business in many ways. Here are a few points that state the benefits of bulk fuel purchase-

• Safety from price fluctuations

• Save time otherwise spend on ordering diesel fuels

• Stress-free business operation

How to store fuel for long durations?

Diesel fuels can last from 6 to 12 months if stored properly. We can provide you with precautions for diesel fuel storage so that it doesn't rot. Few of them are-

• Maintain a temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit

• Do not allow water even on the surface of your diesel tank

• Keep a tab on condensation

• Ensure at least 100 feet distance from any ignition point

In which Province do you deliver?

• Gauteng

• Limpopo

• Mpumalanga

• North-West

What Is the minimum litres should a person order?

We supply from 2000 Litres - 40000 Litres

Do you only supply Diesel 50PPM?

We supply the following products.Diesel

• Diesel 50PMM

• Petrol ULP93

• Petrol ULP95